Cole Over – Song Writer/Musician/Performing Artist

I have had the privilege of working with Loren Israel for the last couple years and it has turned out to be an incredible lifelong educational experience. In that time I have seen drastic improvements in my ability to write and create music, to market and promote my group much more effectively, and to connect with a crowd as a performer. Not only has Loren provided me the insight to improve as an artist, he has also guided me towards being a more efficient businessperson within the music industry.

Loren has an astounding ability to couple his extensive A&R knowledge and experience with each artist’s individual aspirations and goals. While careful not to exert too much control over an artist and/or his/her art, he simply arms them with the tools to better themselves. In the time I have known Loren, he has been a great inspiration for me, as well as a dear friend. If you are serious about pursuing a career in music, Loren is the perfect person to help you.

Dony West-Artist/Musician

The mentorship program that Loren provides is the best investment any serious songwriter/musician can do to further their career. Working on everything from the song writing process to recording an A level album, from promotion and marketing, to your live performance, Loren gives you an insiders look on how to turn your band into a business. Working with Loren, has taken us from a mediocre band at best and brought us to a level of professionalism that will give us an honest chance to compete with the pros.

Michael Rosen - Producer/Engineer

Loren Israel is a passionate and inspired veteran of the music business. He combines both the practical experience of being in bands as a working musician with the professional knowledge of working as an A& R person at Capital Records, with some of today’s most successful artist like Jimmy Eat World and Less Than Jake. Like the original music business pioneers Loren has the ability to find, nurture and develop talent in the most obscure places and before the average person sees the talent below the surface.

He is also the face of the new music business willing to develop the new and exciting opportunities for the music business on the Internet. Loren‘s love of music and innovation has led him to develop a Music mentor program the puts music business professionals directly in touch the new up and coming bands helping them with song writing, performing and the business of music that they need to succeed in the climate today. Loren is a talented man who’s pushing the envelope of what and were the business of music can and should be.

Bernie Chadwick - Musician

When I first met you, I was sure that you were going to be a jackass. "a crazy jewish guy who cusses a lot and uses large hand motions to get his intense point across" I was told.

I expected someone whos job is: to help bands achieve their goals to be someone who is shallow and willing to do anything no matter how big the comprimise to make a buck. Well I was wrong, yes your a crazy jew who cusses a lot, but there is a passion, and an honesty that I didnt expect. I was wrong about the comprimising, I was pushed by you to search harder and dig deeper into the depths of what was true and honest in me and let that be shown as the most significant part of the music.

I have met few people in my life as a musician that can be truley honest, it is usually because most people dont know what they are looking for. Well loren you are sure of what you are looking for, a connection, and you are relentless in that search to draw that out of people.

It is exciting to work with you because there is this feeling of searching for something together, like the music is a bridge that can connect two souls and we are trying to find the most effective way to make that connection. Few people understand both the underlying goal and the importance of the craft, I respect that in you.

Stacy Clark - Song Writer / Performer

I wanted to write and let you know that I think of you more then a
"coach" are my mentor and friend. although we haven't really talked or communicated outside of uncle's I hope to change that. I just have been insanely busy managing 3 careers; advertsing, freelance design and music (on top
of working out and going to church to pray for your Between that, soccer and kickboxing I lead a busy a good way. Nietschiz said it is throught the chaos that gives birth to a bright shining star.

I wanted to THANK YOU for all of your energy and the time you have been putting into my development. I love working with you, and all though I don't seem to express it-- its only because I want to work that much harder to impress you. At heart, I do it for myself because I love performing and its a huge part of who I am....but also I do value your opnion. and suggestions. I constantly work to meet those changes you recommend and try to improve my performance/songs and they have. You are great at what you do. The DiPiazza's performance was the best yet and I owe that largely in part to you for pushing me in a positive way. Thanks to you I feel confident and comfortable performing again. Something I kind of lost along the way. Thanks for rekindiling the fire. I value and appreciate you and what you have taught me. I look forward to working with Zen Seven to create something beautiful. Thanks for setting that up as well.

James Mitchell - Musician

My band, Midnight Hour, has been working with Loren for the better part of the past year. Throughout the difficulties of getting a band started, changing members, and writing songs, Loren has been diligent and passionately involved with us and our music.

His insight and input have been invaluable in helping us through the creative process of writing songs, recording, and getting our musical train moving. Though the process is often difficult and tedious, the end musical result has surprised even the band members. With Loren, we always know we will get an honest and unbiased opinion whether we like it or not, which at the time might sting, but in the end proves important. We are incredibly indebted to Loren for helping bring us to where we are and for helping us plan our future. He has been an inspiring mentor as well as a great friend.

Derek Vaughn - Musician

Working with Loren has opened my mind and my eyes to many different parts of being in a band. Along with playing music, it's about building and maintaining friendships and relationships, hardworking, dedication, commitment, and passion. He is passionate about his profession, and that's one reason why Loren stands out among the crowd. I am glad that I have been guided by his direction, and I would advise others to do the same.

Kennedy - Musician

Mr. Israel excels at finding unrefined talent and developing that talent into serious contenders. His methods in the studio are unforgiving and very effective. He knows how to push a musician the extra mile.

Scott M. Price - Song Writer

Like an architecht-painstakingly committed to every millimeter of design, Loren continues to challenge and define the craft of popular song writing. Loren took Rufus King from simply writing songs to mastering our craft. Loren's direction inspired Rufus King to write the song 'Just What I Need' which was featured in the #1 US Film 'Bring It On'.

Egan Rice - Song Writer / Performing Artist

Even though I am only in my second week of your course, I want to express my dearest thanks for all of your help so far. Already my song writing has improved and I feel more confident as an artist. In less than two weeks I feel like I have already had my "money's worth" from your instruction; and as a frugal and picky individual, these are rare words. Again, thank you so much for your service -- and good nature. I look forward to our next session!

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